Kelowna Luxury Real Estate

1Kelowna Luxury Real Estate

Kelowna is a scenic lakeside city in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Because of its beautiful scenery, warm weather and booming tourism industry, Kelowna has become one of the most desirable locations to own property in all of Canada. Some of the homes in Kelowna's highlands and lake shore areas are valued above $20-million. No matter what kind of luxury property you are seeking, Kelowna offers an extensive selection to meet your needs.

2Investing in a Luxury Kelowna Home

If you have chosen Kelowna, British Columbia as your place of residence and are in the market for a luxury home, you will be nearly overwhelmed with options. Kelowna is considered the retirement capital of Canada, and has more luxury homes per capita than any other Canadian city of its size. Luxury homes are available in the city, in the hills overlooking the Okanagan Valley, in the countryside just beyond Kelowna and on the lake shore.

3Some Things to Know About Owning a Luxury Kelowna Home

Kelowna, British Columbia offers a very high quality of life to its residents, which has made it the most sought after retirement location in all of Canada. However, there are some things to be aware of before setting your sites on Kelowna as your place of residence. Be prepared for higher property taxes, home values and real estate fees in British Columbia than in most other provinces, as well as special fees for lakeside properties.


“The scenery just doesn't get any prettier than Kelowna, and the real estate matches. The homes here are exquisite - some of the biggest, most beautiful homes I have ever seen.”

-Ted Johansen, Kelowna Resident

“If you are looking to invest in a beautiful lakeside luxury home, Kelowna is the place for you. Kelowna offers many miles of lakeshore prime real estate.”

-Frank Parks, Kelowna Resident

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